Installation and trim


If your kayak has a compass recess that has no compass mounted you are in luck because you do not need any mast foot. The mast is simply put into the recess and held in place by the shrouds and uphaul.

For kayaks that does not have a unused compass recess we have come up with a super simple solution. After countless more or less complicated mast foot versions we have ended up on a simple, reliable and cheap mast foot that we supply with all our kits. This allows for most of the benefits of the compass recess. The mast is actually never attached to the deck and only held in place by the uphaul and shrouds. This method has proven to be super reliable. This also makes it possible to store tha sail on the back deck when not sailing instead of on the front deck where it can hinder proper paddling technique and map reading.

Super simple mast foot

Shroud fittings.

Mount the shroud fittings 40-45 degrees behind the bottom point of the mast. Use the larger washers on the inside as these fittings needs to take quite a lot of force.

Composite halyard fittings(included).

By far the best shroud fittings are the glassed in versions. This is a bit more work than with the supplied fittings but looks nicer and for sure stronger. Instructions here(Swedish but with pictures in English).

Mounting of camcleats for uphaul and sheet.

Look at the pictures below for inspiration.