Complete sail and mast kit- FORCE 85

This is a complete kit with sail, mast, boom,mast foot and fitting kit. You need a few hand tools to mount the kit to your kayak. You only need to drill nine 4mm holes in your kayak to complete the installation of the 4 fittings + mast foot. 5 of the holes will usually be in the front hatch area and needs to be sealed to avoid leakage. If you have a compass recess (without a mounted compass) you only need 8 holes.

The sail area is 0.85m2

The sail is available separately if you want to build your own mast kit or already have a mast and want to upgrade.

Complete kit including all fittings: 4995 SEK
Sail only: 3995 SEK

Email your order or any questions to: info@paddlesailing.com