What is paddle sailing?

What about one extra full knot of speed already in 5m/s of wind. With the help of a paddlesail you will be assisted much like on a electric bike and arrive to your destination quicker, less tired and in a more fun and interesting fashion. With our modern sails you can sail pretty high into the wind and use the power of the sail for the majority of your trip.

Our sail is a collaboration between us and legendary sailmaker North Sails. The quality, design and engineering of this sail is a good leap ahead of any competition we know of. The classic FatHead design gives you a compact sail with a well balanced pressure area without the mast becoming too long.

The luff of the sail is optimized for low to medium wind strengths but will also preform in higher winds(see video). The sail works great both on kayaks with rudder and with skeg. A comprehensive mounting and trim manual is available.

We also provide courses in paddlesailing at Escape Seakayaking in Önnered.